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"I want to become a VIP"-applications
« på: 29. Mai 2012, 00:02 am »
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  • Here you can search about becoming a VIP. It might take a little while, but whining about it only slows the process.
    The chances  are low that you've been able to read the info from the "/help VIP"-command on the server, because it's in norwegian.
    Therefore I'll mention them here:

    First of all being a VIP is a symbolical gesture given to regular players. The only real change is that your name appears in yellow, and you gain access to the /setwarp command.
    To become a VIP you'll need to do this:
    1. Build stuff.
    2. Talk to players, and learn the rules.
    3. Sign up in the forum
    4. Read this post.
    5. Don't nag. Operators hate nagging, ant they're the ones that gives VIP.

    Becoming VIP is also a logical step to becoming an Operator.

    To make the process as fast as possible, we've made this form:

    • When did you start playing on this server
    • Are you a regulare player on this server?
    • Have you familiarized yourself with the rules? (There's more rules in the forum, but not necessarily in the english section)
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