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Basic Info
« på: 30. Januar 2011, 10:30 am »
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  • Here is some main info about the server, admin and operators etc. Please ask questions or add some information.

    Server admins:
    Floydatc (Server owner)
    Svuppe (Floydatc's irl friend)


    The server mod is Bukkit, since hMod is down.
    The server is having some issues, and the admin is on it.

    If you're having some trouble etc. please ask an operator or admin.

    - Fiweman

    Edit, I've translated the whole info. Enjoy reading.

    The server can be found at the address ""
    Official language: Norwegian
    Platform: CentOS Linux
    Line: Stands in the network to a large Norwegian ISP, thanks to TridentATC
    Running Bukkit's mod with the following plugins:
    Backup plugin - Full backup every 8.time, 14 days history
    chest ProtectTools - Access lists on the coffins
    CuboidPlugin - Access lists on optional areas, admin tools
    Daylight - Shorter nights, more daylight
    GriefAlert - Lava / water / lighters are disabled, attempts are logged and notified
    SMWorldEdit - More admin tools
    MineGate - Create portals even

    Admins: FloydATC, svuppe
    Moderators: StevenLopez, Bullcraft, mk7070, janhelger, Fiweman, Safew00d, QuadoQ, Dwarfbear
    Maps available at (updated every hour)

    Rules for the server:

    The following are disabled due. risk of griefing (people who destroy for other purpose): Lava buckets, water buckets and flint + steel. Admins and ops can help if you have a legitimate desire / need to use these, ex if you want a fish pond in the garden.

    The following are disabled because they do not work properly in SMP and can cause server problems: Minecarts, powered minecarts and StorageWorks minecarts. These will be turned on when (if) they get fixed.

    All are free to build wherever they want as long as they do not bother anyone. If you are in doubt whether you are building too close to your neighbor, ask first. If you are asked to move so please respect that, next time it could be you who want a little room to expand ...

    All have access to assistance packages with the command / kit, here's everything from tools to materials so you can build your masterpiece without having to tear a whole mountain first. If you are building experimental (read: ugly) thing, it is advantageous if you pull out a little from urban areas.

    Use nice language. The youngest player is 6 years old. He is about to learn to read and write, he can all the ugly words he needs for now.

    Quick introduction to the use of / protect

    1. Make yourself a treeshovel
    2. Select one corner of a three-dimensional box that encloses the building you want to protect (ex. The bottom right corner closest to you), right-click with the shovel.
    3. Note the opposite corner (ex. In the upper left corner farthest from you), right-click with the shovel.
    4. Enter ex "/ protect o: your name Name_at_protect"

    All that is in the three-dimensional box will now be protected and only the player with name your name can remove anything from it. Note that the rights of the command may be restricted if it is abused so for everyone's sake - use it to protect your buildings and nothing more.

    More detailed information can be found at

    Quick introduction to the use of / chest ProtectTools

    1. Type "/ cp 1" if you want the chests that anyone can use (public)
    2. Type "/ cp 2" if you want the chests that ONLY you can use

    All chests you place will henceforth operate as specified (even after relog) More detailed information here:

    Anything else? Ask away.

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    Sv: Basic Info
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  • Svuppe (Lloyd-ATC): Forum admin.

    Veni Vidi Castrate Ibita

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    Sv: Basic Info
    « Svar #2 på: 19. Mars 2014, 03:55 am »
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  • If you just joined the server your name should appear in red in the chat. This means that you're a "restricted" player.
    We've got 5 ranks on this server:
    To build you need to become a guest. This can only be achieved by being accepted by an OP. If there's no Operators online you'll have to wait, but if there is you only need to follow these simple steps:
    1. Read these rules:
       #1 TNT= Ban. No exceptions
       #2 Use "/pe open" if you need help by an operator
       #3 Be nice, and follow instructions from operators and admins
       #4 Protect your buildings with /region
    2. You're required to tell an operator one of these rules if you're asked.
    3. Now the OP will accept you, and you'll be able to build.

    If you're a player and would like do join our forum, you need to have exactly the same username on the forum as on the server. -Remember Lower case and upper case letters. Then log into, and type this command: "/approve <username>". All done! Now you can spam the forum as well
    If you're not a player on minecraft, signing up will still work, but it's a very, very slow process. One of the forum administrators have to accept you manually.

    Playing on the server:
    If you at any time need help by an operator, don't nag in the chat. We've got a ticket-system for it (the petition-plugin).
    To get help from an operator, simply type inn "/pe open <Description of what you need help for>". If you need help to place water, type "/pe open I need water here". There's no need to ask an operator to come to the location, because operators have the opportunity to warp to the place the petition was made. Again, don't nag about your petition, the operators will help you when they get time.
    If you still struggle, look at this video: How to make petitions on ATC

    The server is a creative/survival, child-friendly server. Therefore there's several kits you can give yourself. Too see the entire list, simply type in /kit on the server. As an example, you can type "/kit starterkit" which will give you a diamond picaxe, an iron axe and shovel.

    It's mandatory to protect what you've buildt with the region-plugin on the server. First, get a wooden picaxe by giving yourself the optools-kit. Then left click the lower corner of the structure you're trying to protect. Then right-click the opposite-top corner. Type "/rg claim <name of the region>". An example: "/rg claim Emilpoikas_hus".
     If you've done it correctly, there will be a message in yellow saying "Region 'Emilpoikas_hus' saved". If not, a red message will apperar. If you need more help, there will be more instructions at "/warp region".
    If you still struggle, look at this video: How to make regions on ATC

    "So much time on ATC alone, and yet I've never been to me."
    "Half a bee, philosophically, must ipso facto half not be. But half the bee has got to be, vis-à-vis its entity - d'you see? But can a bee be said to be or not to be an entire bee when half the bee is not a bee, due to some ancient injury?

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    Sv: Basic Info
    « Svar #3 på: 11. Juli 2020, 11:39 am »
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